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Interesting people of our time - some you already know, others you just have to get to know. We are talking about the profession and creativity.
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Grigory Mitusov - presenter of the video-channel about Eurodance music.
Grigory Mitusov
"Eurodance"- video channel

Maria Orzul - TV presenter, journalist. -= Lolitta London - Songstress, songwriter.
Maria Orzul
TV presenter, journalist
Lolitta London
Songstress, songwriter


Dj Sasha Vibe - ди-джей, продюссер, организатор. Valery Zalkin - Songwriter, singer.
Sasha Vibe
DJ, producer
Valery Zalkin
Songwriter, singer

-= Microvision =-, the music group. Andrey Rybakin - TV presenter, screenwriter.
The music group
Andrey Rybakin
TV presenter, screenwriter


Anna Lenskaya - songstress, music group AntareS. Alex Jude. Adventures of an Englishman in Russia.
Anna Lenskaya
Songstress, "AntareS"
Alex Jude
Englishman in Russia

Victoria Nevskaya. Photographer and Designer. Lady Golden Autumn. The Time for important Сhanges.
Victoria Nevskaya
Photographer & Designer
Lady Golden Autumn
The Time for Сhanges


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What a blessing that there is the opportunity to communicate and We are not alone! I share communication with Interesting people - I share Happiness! :)

Harmony, poetry, podcasts, music, photos and videos.

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I share and acquire.

Vitaly Drujinin

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§ Guest Interviews 📰

Lady Golden Autumn

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